• Sorin Tudor

    Sorin Tudor

    DevOps Engineer, Technical blogger (log-it.tech) and amateur photographer.

  • Lynn Chiu

    Lynn Chiu

    I communicate science from a philosophical perspective. Researcher of living things that stay with the trouble. Communicator of risky interdisciplinary science.

  • Nicola Pohl

    Nicola Pohl

  • Dirk vom Lehn

    Dirk vom Lehn

  • Akash Kulgod

    Akash Kulgod

    Metaphor dealer. I write about the brain, mind, behaviour, culture, language, drugs and technology. The Medium is only one Message.

  • Mark Bessoudo

    Mark Bessoudo

    I write about cities, buildings, philosophy, sustainability, technology, culture & design. markbessoudo.com/hi

  • Unnikrishnan R

    Unnikrishnan R

    Militant Indian Geek. Serial Procrastinator. Haptics/Tangible Media/Education Researcher at AMMACHI Labs. Purebred Mallu. Mild Otaku. Futurist.

  • Martin Williams

    Martin Williams

    Ewan & Jamie's dad, Lego Serious PLay, Singapore American School, creativity, media.

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