You need to transcend that, she said
Perhaps out of desperation to sound like
Being someone with gravitas
Gravitas, a word of honor that echos long
And transcends those nasty little words
Like Fuck, I said
Like Fuck do you hear a person
But merely draw circles around your own
Image that now has left
My view in search of another sound

Carolina Reapers are listed as the hottest chili peppers in the world. According to the Guinness World Records, they measure 2.2 million SHU (Scoville heat units). That number sounds so ridiculously high. It did not mean much to me when I bought them. However, if you cook with these peppers…

Disputes about consciousness, its roots and requirements, are more than philosophical. They are of importance in real-world settings, especially in clinical contexts.

Clinicians routinely face the difficult situation of deciding whether a patient in an unresponsive state after severe brain injury may recover — or at least regain some minimally…

The Smeller 2.0 / Osmodrama by Wolfgang Georgsdorf (Source: Wikimedia)

Imagine you are visiting a modern art exhibition. The exhibition leads you through several rooms with various pieces in the installation. Next, there’s a corner with a large fatty smudge on the wall in one of the rooms. Is this art, or should it be cleaned?

This question is far…

Imagine you wake up with your vision twisted.

Just like in a Kafkaesque dream, one day, you wake up, and you cannot move your eyes to what lives in your periphery. Everything is in prime focus only, with no subtle presence of an indefinite scenery with all the movement and…

2021 began with a migraine.

The familiar knifing of my brain did not let me sleep through the end of Twenty-Twenty. It had tainted every waking moment of the past few days, and now it greeted my morning as if nothing had changed. But things should change — with all…

Ann-Sophie Barwich

I smell for a living. No, really:

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